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We Believe In Our Community

Our store is locally owned, and the money you spend stays in Orleans, rather than going  to Toronto or New York. And we believe in supporting the community. Here's a few of the things we do:

MILITARY DISCOUNT - To  members and ex-members of our military, we extend a 10% discount on all goods and services. Simply show the appropriate ID in the store when you make your purchase!

STUDENT DISCOUNT - We extend a 10% discount to full-time students in post-secondary education. Simply show your student ID in the store at the time you make your purchase.

CAMERA CLUBS - All members of Orleans and Ottawa camera clubs get a discount of 10% on all courses. Also, we are happy to do on-site or zoom courses. We will also publicize your events on our blog and social media. If you want to come and chat about technique or equipment, always feel free!

ARTISTS - For all our community's visual artists, we can scan or photograph your work and print it as high quality giclée prints. We will also publicize your exhibits and events on our blog and social media. We can sometimes even exhibit your work in the gallery. If you want to be included, please contact us.

TRAVELLERS - Ottawa is an international and travel-minded community. To take some of the hassle out of traveling we offer expedited handling of all your passport photos, ID photos, and visa photos for any country or region.

CHARITY - We try to support local charities and organisations when able - such as the Food Bank, Figure Skating Club, Soccer Academy, and more, by donating money or complimentary services or product.

MEMORIAL PHOTOS - A funeral is difficult enough without having to worry about all the small details. We will take whatever photo you have of your loved one and restore it to the maximum extent possible, and then make a beautiful print - and we charge no HST on such funeral ceremony photos.